Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great Deal

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything so I thought I'd break my silence and share about a great deal I recently scored!  Since I will be starting my new job on Monday (eek! I can't believe it's already here!) I needed some new clothes, work clothes. I have been getting the daily emails from Ann Taylor Loft and thought that I would see if I found something that would 1) fit and 2) was something that I liked. As it turns out... I for lots of clothes that fit both requirements 1 and 2 AND was able to get it for less than the marked price. 

After my first trip, I received several cards that could be used like cash, each card was $25 off a $50 or more. Today, I was able to use one of those cards and 20% off of my total! That made each of the two shirts I bought waaaay less than the original price! This is the shirt I bought today. I know, I said I bought two shirts, and I did... I bought it in both black and white! I thought it was a basic, classic staple that I would get a lot of wear out of for a long time. 

I'm really excited about my job! And I've been having a great time buying some pretty new clothes to go with the new job! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy time and a Faithful God

Well, I think we can safely say that I was pretty good at blogging throughout the summer but now that school has started I'm not doing such a great job. Sorry. I'm hoping that you understand because you are busy like me. This brings me to some big news... ..... I got a job! A job, as in a grown-up- big-girl-go-to-the-office job!!!!! We, the Husband and I, have been praising the Lord along with family and friends for His faithfulness to us. 

If you don't already know, I am a Judaic Studies Major (Judaic= Jewish). No, I'm not Jewish. (Yes, I knew you were going to ask) This was not the program I thought I'd be in when I graduated from high school but I love it and the only way to describe why this is my field of study is to say the God orchestrated all of it. I know that may sound crazy but I truly believe that God has always know what I would to in college (an knows what I will do for the rest of my life) and He has made it clear and made a way for it to all happen.

This new job doesn't actually have anything to do with my major (I knew you would ask that too) and I'm ok with that. I have struggled with not having a work field that correlates to degree. There have been times I have wondered if I made the right choice. I have been worried. I have been scared. I have questioned the Lord's plan. All of these reactions are normal, I know but that doesn't make them the correct response. I should not have worried or allowed fear to grip my heart like that. But I did and God once again proved Himself faithful to me.

His Providence doesn't always come the way we expect it to, though. Over the next two and a half months, I will be working full-time and be a full-time student. This will be C-R-A-Z-Y at the least but totally worth it in the end. I know that it will be the hardest thing I have ever done thus far in my life. This was not a decision I took lightly. I prayed, sought wise counsel and considered all angles possible before making my decision. I know there will be times when I wonder what I was thinking. I know there will be times when I wonder if I can make it through to graduation (December 17!!!). I also know that the God who called me will give me what I need (not what I want or what I think I need) to compete the task He has set before me. I know that my God will supply all my needs. I know that my God is faithful and will not leave me to walk this path alone.

I am nervous. This is a big step but I am excited. I am excited to see what the Lord has planned in all of this and how He used it in my life. I am excited for the possibilities it holds for my little family. More than all of this, I am thankful to serve a faithful, loving God who provides for all my needs in His own way and in His own time.