All Things Beautiful was established in July of 2009 under the title "Beauty from Ashes". The title change was due to a desire for a more uplifting sounding title. Though the title has changed, the heart of this blog remains the same- to walk through and celebrate the life that Christ gives, the Beautiful Life.  This life is not created by following Martha Stewart's decorating tips or anything else that we as humans can do, rather, it is all about what Christ does in the heart and life of an individual.
Part of celebrating this Beautiful Life of talking about the everyday stuff that goes on, the good and the not do good. I think that when you accomplish a goal (be it finishing laundry or graduating from college), it should be celebrated. Thus, there are/will be posts about decorating, cooking, crafting, faith, etc; if it's part of the Beautiful Life, then it's probably here. I think that community is important and thus you find I tend to share my heart on things that are close to me. I invite you to share in the beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) things in your life as I share those same things in mine.