Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lessons from the Journey... Plus a New Adventure

I've been at this journey called "Motherhood" for about 9 weeks now and I'm learning a lot about all kinds o stuff... quick recap: how to take a baby's temperature, multi-tasking, getting stuff done with waaaay less sleep, asking for help- ok, you get the idea. I think the biggest lessons I've been learning are about me. They say the teacher always learns more than the students because they prepare the lessons, and the same thing is true about motherhood.

Recap of what I've learned about me:
1. I'm an extrovert. Yes, I'm sure you're all rolling your eyes because you already knew this. What can I say, I'm a slow learner!
2. Asking for help is something I'm really not so good at... but I'm getting better!
3. I don't have to be perfect- I need to give myself a break. Seriously, this is the one I want to focus on briefly.

I am the kind of person who is very hard on themselves, who expects perfection and anything less isn't my best. Yeah, a great way to set yourself up for feeling like a failure at pretty much everything, especially being a mom. I'm learning that I can't do it all. I simply can't. There's always more that needs to be done, but that doesn't mean I have to do it all at once. Pick one thing. Do it. Move on to something else. Repeat. And sometimes, this means holding and rocking and soothing my son.

I struggle with feeling like I don't get enough done during the day and scramble in the evening to get it done and have very little "momma time" (I don't expect a lot, mind you.). But I'm learning that this is a normal feeling. I feel like I've got so much to do and I can never get ahead. We live in a social media world so it can be difficult to look around and feel like everyone else has their life together but me.

I know the truth. I know everyone doesn't have it all together. I know there's always more stuff to do and I just need to pick and choose what I'm going to do and when. I know that I have to take care of me and that means stopping and choosing to not work on stuff and do something fun for me (a bubble bath, reading, blogging, etc).

Most importantly, I know that I don't have to be a prefect mom- that I can't be a perfect mom but I can do my best and rely on grace every day. I know that I have to give myself a break. I cannot do it all and that's okay.

Okay, now that I've shared a little bit about where I am in this learning process, I'd like to share with you our new adventure... Drum roll please.... After two years at my previous job, I have resigned and am now staying home with Little Man! The husband and I feel very blessed that I can stay home and take care of our Little Man. It is a new adventure and we are so very excited!

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