Thursday, September 5, 2013

Truth is...

Truth is, I should be folding laundry but I just can't muster up enough anything to convince myself I really want to fool with it tonight.

Truth is, I'm thrilled my Little Man is asleep even if it is because he's tired from his 1st round of immunizations.

Truth is, I'm thinking very strongly of switching to cloth diapers.

Truth is, I can come up with a thousand and one things to do during the day but by the evening when I could actually do them, I can't remember a single thing.

Truth is, I'm at the point in my day where stringing together a coherent sentence can be difficult.

Truth is, I need to start the dishwasher and make sure stuff for tomorrow morning is prepped (have an early, early for us, start to the day but I can't seem to lift my body out of the chair just yet.

Truth is, motherhood isn't what I expected- it's way better.

Truth is, I've never been so perpetually exhausted in my life but it instantly fades away when that precious boy of mine smiles at me.

Truth is, I love my boys and can't imagine life without them .

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