Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The menu from dinner

Tonight's menu was as follows: homemade potato soup with chicken caesar salad. The catch is that we don't have a grill yet and since most of the time you eat grilled chicken on a caesar salad, my task was to come up with a way to cook the chicken that didn't involve a grill... I decided to bake it... and it turned out really yummy! I will post the recipe soon :) The down side is that when the hubby and I went to the grocery store yesterday we didn't double check the amount of caesar dressing in the fridge... yeah, you know where this is leading- enough dressing for 1 salad, not two. I managed to turn the bottle upside down and get the last little bit of caesar dressing for my salad, but it was a sad day. Even sadder than that was that I pouted. Yes, pouted like a 4 year old. Sad, right? Yep. I am blessed that my husband (who BTW offered to go out and get more dressing, but I said no because there was some seriously nasty weather in our area) didn't hold my pouting against me :)

FYI: I am planning on adding a few new pages to the blog: food, crafts, and inspirations. At least for now, I may add some more soon. Anyway, that's all for now! Oh! And I'm almost done with school for the next 3 months!

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