Friday, April 22, 2011

Returning to the fold

Well, I'm back! Ok, that's kind of a misnomer... I have been around but I haven't been posing... Confession time: I went to the dark side. I tried a wordpress blog. There, I admitted it. I haven't used it all that much but the times I did use it I discovered that it was just too complicated and for right now I'm coming back here :) Ok, we can all have a happy moment because I have left behind my rebellious ways and returned to the light.

Now, on that note, there's a lot that's happened since I posted last. 1. I got married! I though this appropriate since my last post was all about getting engaged and planning the wedding! 2. Disney anything is great for a honeymoon! 3. I'm about to be 1 semester away from college graduation! 4. We have a kitten! (Actually, the kitten is his/ours and the cat is mine. My wedding present from David was to bring my cat with me and she's definitely my cat, not ours.)

I am hoping to post more regularly and add some new things to the blog. I've done a lot more cooking and baking lately, so expect some posts about that :) And there there's all the craft-type projects that I've done/will be doing, expect posts here too :) Anyway, that's as up to date as I can get at this moment.


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