Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Accidental savings

Well, I'm finally feeling better! That cold was particularly nasty and decided to stay for a full week! Gracious I hate being sick! Anyway, now I'm back and can continue with my regularly scheduled life, which includes this blog.

Yesterday, I went shopping for my weekly groceries and household products. I forgot a couple coupons and had to make a second trip to the store to buy dish soap. I am proud to say that I bought two bottles of Dawn dish soap, regularly priced $1.49 each, for a grand total of $0.66! I was thrilled and had to try really hard to not looked shocked or confused in the store.

Here's what happened: I walked into the store with two coupons each worth $0.50 off 1 bottle of Dawn. Realizing that this made them the same price as the soap I had currently been using also made me happy (the Man of the House had told me before I left to make sure the Dawn wasn't more expensive than the other stuff). I went to the register and handed over my store loyalty card, scanned my items and coupons and the total was $0.66! What I forgot was that I had an e-coupon on my store loyalty card and it scanned with the card. In addition to this, my other coupons doubled to $1.00 each.

Here's the math of it all:
$3.00 in product
- $2.00 in paper coupons
$1.00 remaining
- $0.50 in e-coupon
$0.50 remaining
+ 0.16 tax
$0.66 total bill

I wish I could say that I planned it that way but I didn't. Oh well. It doesn't really matter since I saved over $2.00! Yes, it was a satisfying purchase!

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