Friday, August 19, 2011

More coupons love

Sorry I've been such a "Nancy No-poster" this week. I promise, it's not because I like not posting anything but because 1) I've been having a hard time coming up with things to post, and 2) I've been in (and still am in) the process of making a big decision. So if you would, pray for me to have wisdom and clarity as I finish up the decision making process :) Thank you much :D 

In other news...
I got 3 of the trial size bags for FREE this week using a coupon! It made me happy, very VERY happy! I know that a 3 count isn't very big but that's ok. I look at it like this: even if I have to buy more dishwashing detergent it's ok because those things were free! Actually, I made 3 cents off of each bag giving me a total of 9 cents that was deducted to the total purchase, making the subtotal of the other thing I was buying 9 cents less than the marked price! Kinda pleased with myself, not gonna lie :) 

{from my twitter page}
There were plenty of things that I bought with coupons and got on sale but this is the "free stuff" pile. It makes me (and my husband) smile really big! 

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