Thursday, March 22, 2012

Diet Update

Well, here we are! We are nearly two weeks into our new way of thinking about and eating food. We have been eating a TON of salad, but don't really mind. I have tried new recipes, some good and some that need not be repeated...

We have not been perfect. For example, yesterday was a bad day for me. I have 2 fun size snickers, 2 individual starburst candies, and a werther's original. We have allowed ourself 3 werther's a day because that keeps us under our calories for sweets (technically, sugar isn't allowed but I'm allergic to the artificial sweeteners so we decided that if we stay within the calories allowed it would be ok), but yesterday was excessive. Tonight, we splurged and had 2 cookies each tonight to celebrate my brother-in-law being home from school for spring break. Oh. My. Goodness. Those cookies were magical!

After nearly two weeks with no flour, etc or more than 75 calories of sugar, those cookies were also really, REALLY rich. And heavy. And... well, now I feel kinda yuck. Not bad or sick or anything, just not as great as I did before. Amazingly enough, I felt the same way last night when I ate the candy (sarcasm here)! The lessons here: ya eat junk, ya feel like junk.

Without these past (nearly) two weeks, I would not have realized how my body reacts to sugar and junk food. Don't worry, I'm not going to be giving up sugar or junk food, but I am going to be more conscious about when and how much of it I eat.

Recap: First two weeks are going good- can't wait till the next phase!

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