Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Confessions of a domestic diva

It is sooooo nice to be home again! Ok, we haven't gone anywhere but we have been house sitting for friends from church (2 whole weeks) which makes for a busy two weeks (we still had to take care of our place and our kitties). Since "returning" home from our house sitting adventures we haven't actually spent much time at home which means that things were sufficiently messy and chaotic looking. Thus, today I was nearly ecstatic with possibility of staying home and getting things in order. 

I have come to the conclusion that I love being a domestic diva! I love being home and taking care of my apartment! It's not that I love cleaning or running the vacuum but I love the feeling of accomplishing something that can be seen instantly and that helps not only my life but the life of my husband. It's like my way of "providing". Obviously, this isn't a monetary provision (the man does that) but it is my way of giving my family (the man and our 2 kitties) a clean, and inviting place to call home. 

I get excited aver the little things in life: splash-less bleach, findin a cleaner that will actually get rid of the mold and mildew that had grown behind the caulk in my bathtub (yes, that was today's success; gross I know but I didn't know it was behind the caulk until it all came up.... a job poorly done on the part of the person laying down the caulk); the smell of something yummy in my oven or on my stove, etc. I love it! And the best part is that it's my life! 

This doesn't mean that there aren't time when I don't just sit and do nothing or not want to do nothing. There are times when I don't feel like cleaning or cooking or doing much of anything and sometimes I actually don't do anything. But all in all, I love being at home and I love creating a home for my family. 

A home is more than the house and it's more than the cleaning and decorating. It's about the heart. It's about love. The old saying is right: Home is where the heart is. 

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