Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dinner is served!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before and I'm pretty sure that I will mention it again, but here it is: I love to cook! Cooking makes me happy. Here are some recent meals/ pictures of dishes that the Hubby and I have created. 
No. 1 All-American  
{Last Saturday, we had movie night. Movie night
means wings. Wings mean veggies and dip. 
Veggies and dip mean cheese fries. The best thing
is that all of it is SUPER easy!} 

No 2. Mexican
{Tex-Mex Rice}


{All plated up!} 
{Not really sure why all the pictures are turned funny. Sorry.}

I wasn't a big fan of Mexican food until about a year or so ago. It just wasn't something that my family ate growing up. We would eat tacos and the occasional frozen "Mexican" thing-a-ma-bober from the store, but that was it. Since dating/marrying the Hubby I have developed a taste for some Mexican foods.  The rice recipe is super easy and VERY economical (Read: cheap!). I like to stretch my dollar as far as I can and I really like it when I can make something from scratch that stretches me dollar. I'm not a big fan of preservatives, additives, and other all around yucky stuff. I feel like most of the foods I like aren't that difficult to make and with millions of recipes out there I'm bound to find one that I like or that I can doctor so that I like it. That's the beauty of food- the only rule is to make sure it doesn't kill you. I also feel like most foods that are full of gunk can be easily made without all the gunk and that they will taste better.  Hence, the reason that I prefer to "DIY it" than "prepackage it". 

{Note: I am by no means against junk food... It's just not worth the trouble or possible to make some things (ie: snack food) but for full meals I prefer to do things myself. It's relaxing. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. It makes me smile. I'm also not against all prepackaged foods, believe you me, I use them but I try to not over use them b/c of all the gunk in them and b/c they cost a small fortune!}

I promise to post recipes soon. In the mean time, here's something the think on. My enchilada recipe is a spin-off of my mother-in-law's and The Pioneer Woman's recipe. I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes! You need her book. You need her emails. Promise. My friend, Anna told me to get Pioneer Woman's book and that I'd love it- she was right. And now I'm telling you. Get the book- you'll be so glad you did! 

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