Sunday, May 8, 2011


What a crazy week! I can honestly say that I am glad it's over! No school for 3 months! I can clean my house! I can bake and cook! I can decorate our home! Yay! So excited!

Last night, my husband had to run sound for a wedding at our church so I did the only natural thing... I tagged along! :) You'd think I'd be sick of weddings since I've just gotten married, but no, I'm not. I have weddings to attend for the next two weeks and I'm SUPER excited! All that having been said, in honor of recent weddings (including the royal wedding) and the upcoming weddings, I am posting a few of my favorite weddings photos!

My dress! Wish I could wear it again!
I love shoes!

My wonderful friends! So blesses they could be part of that day! 

One of my favorite pictures of my husband!

As kids, we used to try and do this without getting caught...

Yes, that's a sound board... we spend a lot of time there.

Hope you enjoy these picture!

Also, partial menu from this last week:

monday: shrimp etouffee with garlic bread

tuesday: homemade chili w/ grilled cheese sandwich
{the chili recipe can be found in "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" by Ree Drummond}

Happy Week Beginning!


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