Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ideas for an office space

In case you didn't know already, I'm a newly wed. We live in a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. We really like the layout and the space if really great, especially for the money. However, there have been some changes in our lives since we tie the preverbal knot, mainly a new job. Originally, we thought that a 1bed 1bath would be great for us and we would stay there for a couple years, but this just isn't realistic anymore. My husband's new job requires him to work from home quite a bit and we desperately need an office space. Currently, my (our) dinning room table is serving as the "office/work" space, but let's face it- this isn't going to work forever. In light of this reality, we (I) am on the hunt for a 2 bed 1-2 bath apartment. And in light of having an extra room to decorate, I am looking at inspiration for our future home office. Here are some ideas... 

{This will never actually happen in out apartment
but I liked it.}

{I love that there is a place/drawer/cubby for everything!
And I love the white with the green and yellow accents!
Office color scheme maybe???}

{I know it's a Christmas photo but check out the chair!
Love it!}

{Again with the cubbies and drawers... I hate not 
having a place for everything.} 

{Ok, this is waaaay too chaotic for me but notice the
vintage wire baskets up above- LOVE!}

Let's review, shall we? 
1. The styles are all over the place but that's ok. 
2. There is a lot of white as a base with other accent colors. 
3. I love cubbies and drawers. 
4. I love the color combo of white, grey and yellow. Like this. What ya thin? 

{compliments of pinterest} 

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